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The expert team at Southern Abstract Company is ready to assist with transfers of farm and ranch land in Bartlesville, OK, and across Oklahoma. From skilled abstracting to expert closing services, we can’t wait to help you with your real estate needs. Call us today to learn more about services from our experienced, practiced team and set up an appointment with our friendly professionals.

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Farm & Ranch Transactions

The sale and transfer of farms and ranches can be more difficult as there is more involved than the simple transfer of land and buildings; it requires considerations about equipment, livestock, property leases, mineral rights and even the water that flows naturally through the land. As with residential and commercial property, transactions for farm and ranch land near Bartlesville, OK, and elsewhere in the state need a neutral, third party working with you and your representatives to facilitate a smooth, stress-free experience. That’s where Southern Abstract Company comes in! Our professionals are skilled and well-practiced at working with the landowner, purchaser, REALTORS®, legal teams, lenders and anyone else involved in the transaction to perform closing and other vital services, including our title insurance team and title attorney who can work to ensure a title is marketable.

What are Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights are an important part of land ownership for many investors and can be bought, leased or sold. While landowners may have surface rights to a piece of property, dig below the surface and you’ll reach the zone where mineral rights take effect. Mineral rights are the rights to explore, extract and sell the oil, gas, minerals, or other natural products found beneath the land surface. Let Southern Abstract Company in Bartlesville, OK, know if mineral rights are a part of your transaction for land, so that they are included in the services we will provide to you.

What are Surface Rights?

Aptly-named, surface rights are just that — the rights to the surface of a parcel of land. This includes includes physical structures such as a house, garage, barn or shed. But it also includes the right to plant crops, to lease property for a wind farm and even to dig into the land to bury underground storage tanks, such as wells or septic systems. However, a person with surface rights only cannot lease their land to an oil or gas company for exploration and extraction purposes. This is because the owner doesn’t have legal ownership over the mineral deposits below the surface of their property.

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