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Property transactions can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when it comes time for closing services. In Bartlesville, OK, the experts at Southern Abstract Company provide specialized care for our customers (buyers, owners, REALTORS®, loan originators, lenders and attorneys) to ensure every step of the process is thoroughly vetted for a streamlined experience for all. Contact us today to complete your next property transaction and enjoy the peace of mind our closing services provide.

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Our Closing Services

Whether it’s your first home, a refinance of your commercial property, or your next parcel of farm and ranch land, Southern Abstract Company in Bartlesville, OK, is experienced with providing closing services for a seamless transition.

Our experienced abstractors will update the abstract to verify the most up-to-date land, tax and court records. Our detail-oriented title insurance agents, along with the title attorney, will pore over the property’s extensive history to check for any possible legal snares, so you know your title will be marketable with no future dilemmas. Additionally, our title insurance ensures you won’t be thrown for a loop with unprecedented troubles, including falsified documentation, long-lost relatives claiming rights to the property, lack of legal access, and more.

Our experienced, attentive escrow officers will gather fees and information associated with the transaction. They will prepare the required disclosures, settlement statements and documents. Then, they’ll calculate the final amounts for both parties. Finally, it’s time to sign! The closing team will take care of all receipts and disbursements and file necessary documents with the County Clerk. Your closing services in Bartlesville, OK, are complete, and you can sleep easy.

Other closing services from Southern Abstract Company include:

  • Construction loans
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Courtesy closings
  • Document preparation

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Contact our friendly team in Bartlesville, OK, to get quality closing services for your real estate transactions in Oklahoma. Southern Abstract Company is dedicated to the satisfaction of everyone involved in the transaction and has helped facilitate a plethora of sales and refinances in the past. We look forward to working with you to achieve your real estate goals, down to the final signature.

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