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The professionals of Southern Abstract Company are leaders in providing quality abstracting in Bartlesville, OK. Abstract services require a dedication to delving into the past and locating exactly what you need — from the first point of sale to the most recent owner. Partner with the team at Southern Abstract Company and learn why abstracting is invaluable for your next real estate transaction.

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What is an Abstract?

An abstract of title is a vital piece of documentation. It covers the title history of a specific piece of property, beginning with the original grant and including subsequent title owners as well as claims such as mortgages, judgments and liens. Before there were copy machines and scanners, abstractors searched, analyzed and evaluated records and summarized or “abstracted” the pertinent information. This in-depth research continues today and is performed and certified by qualified, licensed abstractors — the friendly individuals at Southern Abstract Company — for your benefit. This helps you feel confident in your real estate transaction, knowing that the title was accurately and thoroughly researched.

Why is Abstracting Necessary?

In addition to legitimate ownership and lien information, land records can, unfortunately, include falsified documents, omissions and mistakes that can affect the sale or use of property. Abstracting by Southern Abstract in Washington County performed by our dedicated Bartlesville OK abstractors involves exhaustive research of county and city records to reveal if there are any problems in the title to a residence, commercial property or land that need to be resolved to ensure the title is marketable and protects sellers, owners and potential buyers from unwanted legal troubles.

Southern Abstract Company is dedicated to ensuring your real estate is yours — no frills about it.

Along with Abstracting, How Else Can I Protect My Real Estate?

Southern Abstract Company provides the best for our customers, from quality abstracting in Bartlesville, OK, for Washington County, to a range of other services. Another way to protect your real estate is to invest in title insurance from our reliable company. Using our closing services can protect you from last-minute snares with final paperwork. Browse our Services page to see how we can help you with complicated real estate matters today.

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